Vehicle and People Access Control Equipment
The effective management of access control is integral to the safety, security and order of Facilities and events. WE in KAPS design and install integrated security and access control systems which can incorporate;

Cards or biometric input devices
Flap gate, tripod or full height turnstiles
Rising bollards, tiger teeth tyre shredders and road blockers
Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems. Vehicle classification systems
Surveillance systems using video, x-ray or magnetic scanners
Analytics tools using object oriented analytical tools applied to surveillance and database analytic systems

People Counting

KAPS LTD has invested in diverse software developments and research suited for the business of facility management. It is with this object that we have partnered with HEADCOUNT SYSTEMS and others to implement people counting technology in Kenya.

People counting provides data with integrity to shopping malls, retail outlets, casinos, transport facilities and anyone requiring objective scientific solutions to answer marketing and business questions regarding tenant fee structure, facility provision, staffing and emergency and safety questions.