KAPS (Premier solution provider of car parking, access control and revenue management systems,Kenya,Africa)  operates an automated system for issuing Ticketing Systems and Services  for events and occasions. This solution is available to our customers as a hosted application or as a bespoke services managed end by KAPS. Applications include: Ticketing Systems and Services

  • Stadia and Events The system can be used in stadiafor ticketing of regular or one off events. It can also be used for the ticketing during special events e.g. Trade shows, sports events. as part of the revenue control, security and access control function for the events.
  • Mass transportation where itprovides for the issuance of tickets through various channels such as the web or mobile to passengers wishing to travel by bus and railways. The system is also used to operate the terminal ticketing and access control functions for bus and rail
  • Park ticketing. KAPS has implemented ticketing at major National parks and meuseums including the world heritage Maasai Mara National park (Transmara)