KAPS (Premier solution provider of car parking, access control and revenue management systems (Revenue Collection) ,Kenya,Africa) has over time has acquired unrivalled specialised expertise in the revenue collection business, from single event arrangements to long term multi-revenue streams revenue collection programs.  KAPS is able to leverage its existing suite of revenue collection products to quickly tailor a product to meet your specific needs.

Current customers include Cities and Municipalities as well as Parks and Conservancies and private companies.

These services integrate multiple payment platforms including mobile, credit card, prepaid, smart card.
Our offerings in this sector are fortified by our strength in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics which allows us to tailor your reports and extract business information to give you the edge to better serve your clients ahead of your competitors in today’s extremely competitive landscape.
KAPS will assess your needs, design your system and even operate the revenue system so that you can concentrate on running your business and achieving your mission and objectives.